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The Heffalumps

The Heffalumps

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  • The Heffalumps
  • The tray is 9.5" x 5.5".
  • It has 5 inserts.
  • The Block: is just over 9" x 2.75"
  • It can hold 10-10 10mm or 14mm buckets/bangers; the holes are deep enough to also hold dabbers upright.
  • (2) 14/18mm buckets /bangers, or carb caps.
  • 4 slots for tools.
  • (2) insert trays are the Large Cap Holder Insert; each one can hold 4 caps or large marbles.
  • Insert tray (4" x 1")—this has a flat bottom.
  • Small cap/marble insert—can hold 4 small marbles.
  • The Stand in the Photos is a custom order (missed . email prior to ordering)
  • Our Standard Colors will be available.
  • None of the props are included. You will only be getting the plastic stand.

For all Misc. colors, please email Dab Smart before ordering so we can go over the color choices we have.

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