Our Story

DabSmart™ was born out of a simple need: where to put the carb cap down before and after smoking, along with the sticky dabber. While silicone mats were an option, they could be forgotten and lead to accidental messes. This is where the idea for the Single Stand was conceived, featuring one dabber and one carb cap holder. Friends of the creator, Elliott, loved the idea and began suggesting customizations, which led to the development of a modular line that caters and gives flexibility to different smoking habits and glass collections.
Elliott is the owner of DabSmart™ LLC and the person who started it all. After quitting his job as a store manager at Verizon, he found himself unsure of what to do next. While smoking, he became annoyed with his simple problem, and with the help of a friend, he began experimenting with Fusion360 and came up with his solution, the Single Stand. This sparked the idea that other people might have the same issue and want his stand as well. In December 2022 and January 2023, designs started pumping out, and paperwork was filed to become an LLC. Over the past 4-5 months, the company has had its ups and downs, but Elliott's passion for smoking and 3D printing has been coming to fruition. When customers reach out via email or DM on Instagram, the person typing back is usually Elliott.
DabSmart™ is a team effort run by a husband-and-wife duo. Kelly, Elliott's wife, works as an operations manager and has been doing so for about 18 months. Before that, she had ten years of customer service and sales experience. When Kelly gets home from her "9-5," she goes to work for DabSmart™, working on designs and re-designs with Elliott, taking and editing photos, posting on social media, and usually making dinner. The company is proud of its dedication to customer satisfaction and always welcomes feedback to improve their products.
DabSmart™ offers a wide range of options for smokers, from simple stands to the more complex modular stands for those glass collectors.