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ISO Dunk Station - 1 Bucket

ISO Dunk Station - 1 Bucket

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ISO Dunk Station - 1 Bucket - Made of PLA.


Comes with a snap on lid and 1 inserts baskets that have handles which alow you to hang it on the side for air drying your glass.


1 large basket to fit a banger/slurpers/buckets.

5.5" wide x 2.75" deep x 2.25" tall


You pick the outside box color. The insert dunk trays will be black.


All ISO stations are made to order even though they say in stock and will take up to 48 hrs to print and test


Please note that this is not an airtight lid (do not turn it over with ISO inside). ISO may discolor the plastic. 


For all Misc. color please email Dab Smart before ordering so we ca go over the color choices we have

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